Monday, May 9, 2011

Amgen Tour of California ~ Pre Race Warm Up

Cynergy Cycles hosted the HTC Highroad Team Presentations for the Amgen Tour of California. All proceeds for the event benifited The Right to Play Organization. It was the perfect Pre Tour warm up. We had the wonderful opportunity to meet the riders and team managers.

Bernard Eisel

Brian Holm

Rolf Aldag

Sergio Hernandez

Martin & Peter Velits

Phil Keoghan - Master of Ceremonies

Loren in front of the Team Bus

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pictures with the Versus guys

During stage 6 of the Amgen Tour of California we arrived at Santa Clarita about noon. Hardly anyone was there, just workers still setting up. We walked around and saw Bob Roll and then later the Versus trailer. It was just a white trailer. The only reason we knew it was the Versus trailer was because Phil and Paul were standing outside of it. We talked to them for a bit and then they invited us to see inside the "studio". It was so tiny!

Bob Roll & me

Me & Phil Liggett in the Versus trailer

Paul Sherwin & me

Mario Cipollini at the Amgen Tour of California

After the end of stage 6 we made our way to the team buses. There wasn't a bus for Rock Racing, just a Cadillac Escalade. You didn't have to speak Italian to see that when Mario Cipollini rode up he seemed a bit upset that there wasn't a bus. The Escalade was swarmed by fans, me included to get a glimpse of him. I thought I wouldn't get a chance to have my picture autographed, by just before the Escalade drove away, Mario rolled the window down and reached for my picture and autographed it!

Mario was banged up from his crash.

Mario autographing my picture.

Mission accomplished! I'm so happy!

Tour of California 2008 - Stage 6

While transferring and organizing files from my old computer I found pictures from the 2008 Amgen Tour of California. I was surprised to find pictures of Mark Cavendish sprinting for the finish line. I had been so fixated on Mario Cipollini that I didn't remember about Mark wining the sprint. Later we found out that Mark was penalized 20 seconds after officials said he grabbed onto the side of a team car while trying to catch back on to the peloton.

See Mario between the other High Road rider and the rider in the green jersey

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Autographed Pictures from the Amgen 2010 Tour of California

Andy Schleck pointing at me. LOL! I take no credit of the getting the autograph. Megan got it signed while I was camped out waiting for Chris Horner.
Mark Cavendish definitely doesn't look happy with our mountains.

But I see a slight smile on Mark's face. I think we made him laugh because we were running after him and calling his name.

I think Mark thinks I'm stalking him after 3 days of following him. LOL!
Chris Horner remembered me from the day before and gave me his full signature instead of just initials. So sweet! After going to see him race for 10 years I finally have an autographed picture!
The most successful year at the Amgen Tour of California! I can't wait until next year!

Amgen 2010 Tour of California - Stage 8 Thousand Oaks

The last day of the Amgen 2010 Tour of California, Stage 8 in Thousand Oaks. We found a great spot on the median where the feed zone was and across the street from the team buses.

There's George Hincapie from BMC.

Success! Mark Cavendish of HTC Columbia came rolling by and he stopped to take pictures!

Fabian Cancellara from Saxo Bank was a bit harder to get a picture with.

George again!

Team buses all lined up.

This spot on the median proved to be the best! Lots of pictures with riders!

Yaroslav Popovych & me

Loren & Peter Sagan of Liquigas

Amgen 2010 Tour of California - Stage 7 Downtown Los Angeles

Thousands showed up in Downtown Los Angeles to watch Stage 7, the individual time trial.

We weren't the 5 minutes and there is George Hincapie of BMC riding by on his bike on his way to the team bus to warm up.
George warming up. I think he's smiling at me!

Michael Roger of HTC Columbia, the current GC leader of the Tour of California

Jason McCartney of Radio Shack rolling out for his TT.

My failed attempt to take a picture of Mark Cavendish of HTC Columbia. Unfortunately he did not make the cut yesterday.
Crowds were in front of the Radio Shack bus all day.

Inside the Radio Shack mechanic truck

Johan Bruyneel of Radio Shack

A failed attempt to get a picture with Fabian Cancellara

Mathew Mcconaughey hanging out at the Radio Shack bus
Waiting patiently for Chris to take a picture with me.

YAY!! I finally got a picture with my favorite, Chris Horner of Radio Shack!